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Boschkrans Boerdery

with Experience & dedication

Boschkrans comes from a long line of farmers. With every new generation of farmers, the business grew in knowledge and experience that makes it more reliable. Boschkrans puts great emphasis on values, always striving to be amongst the best. To establish a strong brand, we need to supply the right quality in the right market. We strongly believe that our employees are happy and receive the training necessary to perform their duties. We are committed to plough back into the community by ensuring that the local school and creche have the means to operate. By using the latest agricultural technology and efficient teamwork, we can provide quality produce.


Boschkrans Boerdery is a picturesque fruit producing farm on the banks of the Olifants River. It is situated outside of Groblersdal in the lush Loskop Valley in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Boschkrans Boerdery is a fruit-producing farm on the banks of the Olifants River. It is situated outside Groblersdal in the Loskop Valley in the Limpopo Province, South Africa The farm produces a wide variety of citrus (including lemons, navels, valencias, soft citrus) and table grapes on approximately 500 hectares of land.

The entity exports its produce to approximately 60 countries. These countries are mostly geographically located in Europe, the United Kingdom, Russia, Far East Asia, South East Asia, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa. Boschkrans’ produce is in demand in local supermarkets and throughout the world.

We employ between 600 and 1 300 employees, depending on the season. Our business believes in the Almighty Lord as our Creator and Provider. We accept our responsibility to our community, our country, and the fresh produce industry worldwide.

The vision of Boschkrans is to produce and export citrus and table grapes of top quality., and ultimately become the preferred supplier.

Boschkrans aspires to sustainable farming with the minimum disruption of the environment and the optimal utilization of natural resources. We strive to continually improve our quality, safety of our products, and our technique of production. We aim to utilise advanced technology to assist us in the growth of our business to the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.

Core Business

Our core business is the production, packing and exporting of quality citrus and table grapes.

We believe in the practice of regenerative agriculture and adapt farming practices that work with nature, rather than work against nature. We try to improve the microbiological diversity in the soil by adding microbes to the earth, generating an environment where it can live. We believe that soil is a living, dynamic ecosystem, and not just a growth medium. We believe regenerative agriculture improves soil structure and resilience. We recognise the benefit of having a vast diversity of soil microorganisms (good guys and bad guys) to create a healthy, balanced ecosystem. The positive spin-offs this has for pest management and the breakdown and binding of minerals. In the long run, it will lower our cost of spraying and fertilizing and also increase our production and eating quality of our fruit.

We carefully manage a wetland on our farm, which is a water sponge that cleans the water of heavy metals and dangerous bacteria. It also creates a biodiversity of birds and animals. We deliberately stock our dams with Blue Tilapia and Redbreast Tilapia fish to control unwanted watergrasses and algae.

We use our water sources by a system of dams to store rainwater, prevent evaporation, and the loss of water through drainage. It also catches drain water, uses mulch to prevent water loss. The entity uses a drip irrigation system to deliver the correct amount of water to the tree.

We believe quality starts in the orchard, from flower bud to fruit. We carefully control every step of the growing process to ensure world-class produce in balance with nature. Boschkrans promises good quality, healthy, tasty fruit from our orchard to your table. We plan our farming processes to ensure the safety of our workers while monitoring the impact on the environment through minimal spraying and a reduced carbon and water footprint.

Our marketing strategy is to serve strategic clients in each major market. We are fully dedicated to delivering a wide range of grapes and citrus to the consumer in a simple yet efficient manner.

Central to this strategy is our focus on relationship management. We believe in maintaining and building on current business relationships and growing with our customers.

Core Values

Faith in God Almighty, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as our Heavenly Father.
Respect for ourselves, our fellow citizens and our environment.
Commitment to our task. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by going the extra mile.
Passion. We strive to be progressive. We require our people to continue to grow personally and professionally by providing opportunities and training when necessary.
Integrity. We have shared standards and a mutual respect for what we are doing.
Responsibility. We always question, review and test our compliance to industry standards
Excellence. We apply the highest standards of quality to our work.
Reliability. Our word is our honour. .
Loyalty. Boschkrans recognises the individuals who support the entity’s vision to ensure best practice throughout the business.